About Us

About Us

Brand information:

As a brand of GREENFUTURE INDUSTRY LIMITED, EFG Battery specializes in the R & D and manufacturing of lithium batteries. The brand has the core technology of integrating and applying lithium battery stored energy as well as the experience in manufacturing batteries for over 10 years. The products have been extensively applied to household, commercial grid, and portable stored energy fields. 

Since its foundation, EFG Battery has gradually been an international brand with great reputation. By communicating with thousands of customers from countries including USA, UK, Germany, and Australia, we knew that safety, stability, intelligence, and high efficiency compose the important factors for them to choose batteries, and these features have been the basis of our technical innovations as well. In recent years, the global market has seen the substantial growth of renewable energy sources, especially in the context of global warming. EFG Battery has been committed to providing worldwide cutting-edge renewable energy sources to help more users have access to sustainable green future by using our green energy products!

Brand story:

Since the 1940s, people have realized that natural resources such as petroleum, natural gas, and coal have been declining rapidly, and the energy crisis has been increasingly severe in the 21st Century. We have seen that many people endure severe winter and scorching summer as a result of energy shortage. They can neither warm themselves in winter nor drink cold beer or beverages in summer. Besides, automobiles cannot get started and people cannot contact their families and friends by using phones as a result of energy deficiency. The shortages of power supply and costly electricity bills have made our lives miserable and painful. Would this happen if we had sufficient energy reserves? As an international enterprise, we needed to do something to change the situation. The brand EFG was established in response to the proper time and conditions. In the name, E stands for Energy, F for Future, and G for Green. EFG bears peoples pursuit of good life. It keeps changing peoples lives with energy storage batteries that are increasingly safe, stable, intelligent, and efficient for illuminated nighttime and freedom of energy sources and electric power. 

Our vision:
To be a world-leading smart energy battery brand!

Our mission:
Making more users have access to a green future!