5 Slot Rack for EFG-R48100 Server Rack Battery

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Dimensions (WxDxH, Inches): 20″ x 19″ ⨉ 46 1/8″

Weight: 48 lbs

EFG Promotion!  Each purchase of a group of 5 EFG-R48100 batteries automatically gets the rack for FREE!  Only purchase from this listing if you are buying less than 5 batteries.

Securely holds 5 EFG-R48100 batteries

Ships disassembled, however, an easy assembly with just a few screws

Does not include the square nuts and screws to secure the batteries – they are shipped in the box with the EFG-R48100 batteries.

Holes in the bottom of each corner for easy anchoring to a floor

NOTE: Due to limited supply and shipping complications, this is only available to customers with correlating EFG-R48100 battery orders

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